Targeted Local Advertising

Advertise your business on local wireless networks. Full screen display and banner ads when guests access free Wi-Fi in Hotels, B&B's, Hostels, Holiday Homes & Campsites in your area.

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wifi manager
WiFi Manager Advertising

Choose an ad type and package

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices quoted include VAT @ 23%
  • Each business must supply their own ads in pdf, png or jpg format.
  • You can choose your max adverts or set a budget per month, default maximum ads per month is 1000.
  • Full screen ads are 640px wide x 960px high.
  • Banner ads are 640px wide x 120px high.
  • Full screen ad display time is 7-15 seconds.
  • Banner ads display for the entire login process after the full page ad disappears or is closed.
  • Rates are subject to change. Rate changes do not take effect until renewing your adverts.
Customised WiFi Login

How It Works

1. Select the Wireless Network

2. Pop-up Login/Captive Portal Screen appears

3. Full page display advertisement for a local business

4. Login page with banner advertisement requesting an email address and Wi-Fi Password

5. Internet access granted and device receives a speed & time limit to use the Internet